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Well, currently, it's the vestiges of a good idea among two classmates that (for a second time now actually) never really got our attention and, therefore, made any real effort to get off the ground. At any rate, after the very first guy with the whole idea made this appealing site (just to unceremoniously bail), it ended up sitting dormant.


The second guy briefly caught the energy of a third guy, but it all fizzled again. This was mostly for the purposes of them both pursuing yet another project that probably won't get off the ground either

So after all that, it's just been claimed as (reduced to the rubble of) the personal blog space of the original second guy, who is committed to keeping it looking as it was originally created, in the event he ever gets around to building it out to be what it was once intended: A place from which for our theologically minded friends can share their musings, written art, and research ... freely and openly ... without the nonsense of social media expectations, or the demands and games of academic publishing.

The "Second Guy" (AKA J. M. Zabick) is a doctoral candidate of historical theology and church history at Evangelical Theological Seminary (Myerstown, PA). Jon is uniquely interested in the connection between theology and philosophy across the timeline of Western thought (especially in the Modern to post-Christian era) as well as the development of Christian doctrine. He is a constant observer and occasional critic of the American Church, who lives with his unmatchable wife and talented son in the Midwest region.  

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